Fallout 76 Will Be Entirely Online, New Information Revealed At E3

Bethesda has revealed many new details on Fallout 76. It will be the first multiplayer game in the Fallout universe and is centered around the survivors of fault 76, the first fault that opened up after the nuclear war. As has been correctly predicted by many fans, the game will take place in West Virginia which is not that surprising when we hear John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads in every single trailer of the game. The map will be four times the size of Fallout 4 and is filled with West Virginian landmarks.

Tod Howard has stated in his presentation that the game will be a “softcore survival game”. This means that the gameplay will be centered around building and survival just like any other survival RPG, but death will never make you lose your progress or character. When playing the game you will be playing on dedicated servers that Tod claims “will run for many years to come”. These servers each hold a few dozen people at the time as to not overcrowd the game world. You can switch servers to play with friends at any point and will not lose any progress that you have made in the game.

Several new gameplay trailers showed us what you will actually be doing in the game. As the first people to leave the faults after the nuclear war you are told to start rebuilding America. You do so by building your own home, or building it together with friends. The building gameplay takes a lot of elements from Fallout 4 but seems to expand on these. Your home is most likely the main hub where you hang out with your friends so take extra efforts to build a safe home.

The game will features a large variety of new enemies. Since the game is set in West Virginia, Bethesda has decided to introduce a lot of new creatures based on folklore from the state, such as Mothman and the beast of Grafton. The game definitely looks more MMO like in this aspect with multiple players blasting away at a single humongous enemy. If you are a solo only player than you can fight these monster by yourself too, but Tod stated that it’s much wiser to do so with allies. He did say that the entire game can be played as a single player game though.

In order to keep the game world dynamic, Bethesda has come up with one of the best and worst solutions ever. Nuclear weaponry. Players can gather codes for nuclear missiles by themselves or with others. Once they have a complete code they just have to invade the nuclear missile site and select a target. With the press of a button an entire area is wiped out. These missiles can be targeted at cities, player house or even regular wildlife is you hate nature that much. In the aftermath of these bombs players can go to those areas to scavenge for resources. This comes with a risk though as the area will be very radioactive for a while.

The game looks breathtaking with Bethesda finally deciding to add some color in their Fallout games. We can expect more gameplay details in the coming week. The game will be officially released on November 14, 2018.

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