Dying Light 2 Announced At E3, Will Have Heavy RPG Elements

The zombie genre has been tiring people out for a few years now. Playing game after game where you’re trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse with sluggish gameplay gets boring fast. Luckily Dying Light turned that all around with fast combat, parkour and cars that you could actually drive. Dying Light 2 looks to replicate that success but has turned it up a notch.

Dying Light 2 will be heavily focused on RPG elements and player choice. The game is set 15 years after the first one in a time period that the developers called “The modern dark ages”. The developers of the game, Techland, have teamed up with Chris Avellone, a successful writer that has worked on numerous classic RPGs such as Fallout: New Vegas and Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic 2. With his assistance they will create a game where player choice has a genuine impact on the city and world that the player can explore. You will play a big part in saving humanity or bringing the entire city down.


During the day you will go on an assortment of different missions in which you will negotiate between different factions, deliver resources or help civilians. However, you could also decide to start killing people and create a rebellion against the oppressive Peacekeeper organization. The choice is yours and it will heavily impact the state of the game as can be seen in a gameplay trailer that was shown off.


Once the game turns to night though this is when the real terrors come out. With all the different choices and RPG elements you would almost forget that it’s actually a zombie game. Not too much has been shown on the zombie aspect of the game in the new trailers. We expect it will most likely remain similar to the first one. Thus get ready to start slaughtering zombie with a wide array of combat moves.

We think the game looks fantastic and the gameplay trailer shows how much impact a single choice can have. Many games claim that choices will have an impact on gameplay though so we will have to see how true this claim will be. With Chris Avellone behind the wheel, we are confident this game will be fantastic.

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