Just Cause 4 Accidentally Leaked Via Steam Ad

Another day another leak. The amount of leaks we have been getting over the past few weeks is absolutely staggering. It’s no surprise that they are around this time frame as E3 is around the corner, but there sheer number of them is pretty absurd. Although Steam is normally reliable, they are definitely at fault for leaking Just Cause 4 here. Not that we mind.

The ad on Steam

Just Cause 4 would be the newest entry in the Just Cause franchise, that scored an enormous hit in 2015 with the release of Just Cause 3. The existence of the game is not too surprising as it was also one of the games that was leaked on Walmart, a little while ago, together with a bunch of other games. Some of those leaked games have since been announced by their developers so it isn’t too far fetched to assume that all those games are real.

The studio behind the Just Cause franchise is Avalanche Studios and they had just announced their newest game today, called Generation Zero. It doesn’t happen often that a studio has two games revealed on the same day, although I suppose it wasn’t really up to the studio at all in this case. They most likely wanted to reveal the newest entry in the Just Cause during E3. Despite these leaks I wouldn’t get your hopes up about receiving a trailer before E3 as the event is literally starting next week.


The ad itself doesn’t offer all that much information. It just shows the series protagonist Rico Rodriguez overlooking a jungle of some sorts with lightning strikes in the background. The ad does confirm that you will be able to pre-order the game, but when people tried to click on the ad to see more details on the game this led to nowhere.

Although definitely a blunder by Valve not too much information has been given away on the game. We are just excited that we will be able to return to the Just Cause franchise, whether this information came through leaks or not.

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