Just Cause Studio Announces Generation Zero Filled With Retro ’80s

What if Horizon Zero Dawn and Stranger Things were fused together and it was set in Sweden? I guess that is what Generation Zero is. The game was just now officially revealed by Avalanche studios, the studio behind the Just Cause franchise and the Mad Max game from 2015, and the game looks stunning. Set to a glorious retro synth-wave soundtrack, everything in the trailer just screams 1980s! Definitely getting some Stranger Things vibes from this one.

In the trailer we see a group of kids fighting off an angry horde of robotic dogs. The group has a vast array of different weapons, more than any kid should have to be honest, which they use to shoot up the dogs. After they mercilessly wrecked the robotic dogs they are shown facing an enormous robot that is already half aflame. They don’t seem to be too scared however, so I guess they have been doing this for a while now.


The game is set in Sweden in the 1980s according to the official website and will feature a full day and night cycle, unpredictable weather and highly realistic acoustics. The game seems to be set in some kind of post-apocalyptic world as there is hardly any soul to be found while robots are roaming out in the open, however, the site merely states that it is an re-imagining of Sweden where hostile machines have invaded the countryside. You will play as one of the kids that is trying to understand what is going on in the world.


The game will feature enemies that are persistently generated within the world. This means that every enemy in the gaming is roaming the map at the same time as you. If you damage or cripple an enemy but can’t finish it off, this damage will permanently stay on the enemy. The next time you come across this same machine he will be in the same condition as you left him in.

The game will also feature seamless multiplayer where you can play together with up to four friends to help each other out in this hostile world. When playing in coop you will be forced to share the loot, however, there are also a lot of benefits. Everyone will have unique skills that can be combined to easily take down foes. Another benefit is that if someone is downed you can help revive them and continue the battle.

This was definitely an unexpected trailer with no leaks or any information on it beforehand. It’s possible that it was released before E3 in order to provide more gameplay details during the event. The game is announced to come out in 2019 although no specific date has been provided.

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