Tyler1 Gets Player Survey And Makes A Strong Statement

Tyler1 Quit League

One of League’s most notable Twitch personalities, Tyler1, just received one of those surveys that Riot randomly sends out to players here and there in game. While on stream, he goes through filling out the form and comments on the various questions that it poses such as in game toxicity, champion balance, and a variety of other issues. When asked how likely he was to continue playing the game in the next month, he noted “Somewhat Unlikely.”

Tyler1 Quits League
Image Source: Tyler1 Twitch Clips

It’s no surprise how he and many other players feel about the state of the game right now

, but will he and possibly other streamers start quitting because of these issues?

You can see the rest of the video and his reactions to this survey on this increasingly popular Reddit thread.

After watching the clips, the one I thought was most noteworthy was his reaction to being asked how he feels about “being able to influence the outcome of his games.” He literally goes through his OP.GG profile page showing his audience a huge number of games in which he wins despite having very low kill participation and at the same time, a large number of losses in which his kill participation was extremely high.

I’ve been feeling the same sentiments for the longest time now. I’ve played a lot of games where I have lanes that non-stop feed or players who rage/have internet problems and go AFK causing me to lose the match. If I had to look at my last 10 losses, more than half of them would be attributed to one of these two cases. Maybe even both in the same game.


Similarly, some of my wins have been because I’ve been on the opposite side in this scenario, where I have one or two lanes that get massive because they go up against someone that feeds the whole game, and I end up getting carried while seeing very little action. It really makes you question why continue playing a game when whether or not you win or lose is determined by factors that you can’t influence.

Ultimately, there are some obvious problems with League right now. Whether or not they’re so bad that Tyler1 will quit League within the next month as he alludes to, who can say? One thing’s for sure though, Riot needs to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and start making some changes. At the very least, it’s within the realm of possibility for popular streamers to start streaming something else. If they decide to do so, League’s popularity, player base, and lasting power will definitely take a hit that I imagine Riot would prefer avoiding.

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