Intense Wild West Gun Fights In ‘BANG!’ Board Game

BANG! is no strange to veteran board game players and is regarded as a classic board game that everyone should at least play once in a lifetime. BANG! is an intense endless gunfight battle between the good and the bad in the Wild West and that has been a nightmare for the city folks since forever.

Compelling storyline

Setting in the Wide West, America, where cunning outlaws actively harass everyone and that’s when the sheriff and his assistants have to step up to fight them back, protect the town and its residents.

This is where you’ll hear gun shots, horse neighs, and the smell of gun powder from the deadly battle between the two sides. In BANG!, each player will take a different role, having different responsibilites and goals.

Which course of action would you take? Play hide and seek or confront everyone, use your skills and instinct to play and win the game by achieving your goals as quick as possible.

Nerve-racking gameplay

There are 3 main roles in the game, Sheriff, Deputy, Outlaw and Renegade. In the beginning, each player will be dealt 1 card which tell them who they are in the game. Player with the Sheriff card then reveals the card to become the official Sheriff and have one more Life Points. The rest keeps their roles secret and proceed on drawing another card, put it face up, now announces their roles and abilities according to the face up cards. Each role has different amount of Life Points and abilities.

Which ever role you got from the beginning the game will not be easy on you. Everyone will all alike go through a intense mind game. You may find it’s relaxing to be a Deputy at first but then comes the responsibilities or as a Renegade you will find it’s quite hard to be the last man alive.


Your starting hand equals your Life Points. You start your turn by drawing 2 new cards, then use as many cards as you want (Note: Bang! card can only be used once per turn) and finally discard card(s) so that the number of cards in your hand equals the Life Points you have at that point.

Whenever a player runs out of Life Points and has no way to recover, he will die and his real role card will be revealed. If that’s an Outlaw, his killer will be awared with 3 cards. If that’s the Deputy and his killer is Mr. Sheriff he will have to abandon all cards on his hand.

The game will end as soon as a role achieves its goals, for Sheriff, it’s eliminating all Outlaws and Renegade, for Outlaws, it’s the death of Sheriff and for Renegade, it’s that everyone else is gone.


In general, BANG! is a simple enough board game for you to enjoy and have fun. Thanks to the card drawing mechanic, no BANG! match is like another. And for that players have to deal with different situations every time.

Team spirit is a big thing in BANG!. You may find playing BANG! is a really good chance to connect with your friends as you will interact with them frequently during the match.

Are you excited to play BANG! yet? But be careful as it could be addictive.


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