Hitman 2 Has Potential June 7 Reveal After Cryptic Tweets

A new Hitman game is most likely going to be revealed on Thursday June 7th as part of the Warner Bros press conference prior to the E3 event. The reason behind this speculation is that the official Hitman Twitter account sent out a cryptic tweet that was hinting at a June 7th reveal, which does coincide with the Warner Bros press conference.

Warner Bros Games has also tweeted out their own cryptic tweet that brings even more evidence of a Hitman 2 reveal. In their tweet you can see a pit crew working on a Formula 1 car that has stopped for a pit stop. Although this initially looks completely unrelated to Hitman, upon closer inspection we can spot a Hamsun logo on the car. Hamsun oil is an oil company that makes a few appearances throughout the game, making this entire theory even more plausible.


Some people go even further than that, as the tweet from the Warner Bros account was posted 47 minutes after the tweet of the official Hitman account. 47 minutes is according to some people another hint at the Hitman 2 announcement as the main character is agent 47. This might just be an coincidence, but it does make you suspicious on whether it was intentional or not.


The first Hitman game, or Hitman season 1, was an extremely successful game created by IO Interactive. The game was published by Square Enix, but sold it off after that. Part of the sales agreement was that IO would maintain the rights to the Hitman franchise. It’s no surprise that another big publisher has come along to help IO publish a second one, given the success of the first game and the famous franchise it’s based on.

Multiple people have discovered the official Hitman 2 logo on the WB games website since the tweets were posted, but this logo has since been removed from the website. Although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, the discovery of this logo pretty much solidifies the fact that we will get a Hitman 2 game.

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