League Of Legends Season 8 Guide: Annie Mid Lane – One Combo To Rule Them All

Here is another entry to the series of guides of this season (Season 8) of League of Legends (LoL). Let’s take a look at Annie – The Dark Child. Annie can deal high AOE burst damage and is able to initiate combat effectively with her abilities.

I. Summoner spells


Flash – Ignite

II. Rune pathing


Dominiation & Inspiration Rune paths

If you use Annie in mid lane, Electrocute rune should be used to increase the burst amount of damage to the highest, make good use of 3 damage dealing abilities of Annie, then it should be easy for this champion to take down enemy champions.

Other runes  Cheap Shot, Ghost Poro, Ingenious Hunter of Domination Rune path are meant to make Annie a more rounded part of the whole team.

In addition, Hextech Flashtraption and Minion Dematerializer of Inspiration path will help Annie with mobility and combat initiation.

III. Ability sequence

– Disintegrate should be the first to max out as the ability’s mana refunding and cool down refreshing mechanics are much needed for Annie’s progression

– Second ability to max out is Incinerate – an AOE ability to clear minion waves and should be another good source of damage to fight off Annie’s enemy

– Upgrade the 2 other abilities when they’re available at specific levels

IV. Item builds

Doran’s Ring  is an essential item for every mage at this point. It provides your champ with a fair amount of damage at the start of the match and also mana regeneration for you to stay in lane longer. The Dark Seal  is an alternative if you tend to go around to push, help your team.

Shurelya’s Reverie  or Hextech Protobelt-01  is recommended item to get first to increase Annie’s damage output, assist with minions clearing and give Annie much more mobility. With either of the mentioned items, Annie could become a better initiator and damage dealer.

After series of changes, Luden’s Echo  is now a perfect item for Mid Annie to use especially in big team fights. With 100 full charges, Annie can open combat with a huge burst to any hero without much magic resistance.

Orderly, Annie should get Sorcerer’s Shoes  >> Hextech Protobelt-01  >> Luden’s Echo  >> Zhonya’s Hourglass , items like Rabadon’s Deathcap , Void Staff  to kill off an enemy instantly should be saved for late game.

Depends on enemy’s lineup, you can get Morellonomicon , Rylai’s Crystal Scepter  and Banshee’s Veil  to be more sustainable in team fights.

V. Things to remember

  1. At the laning phase, stack up spell counts with Incinerate to get the Passive of Annie ready so you would have an AOE stun available for any team fight.
  2. Disintegrate is a good ability to use on both minion and enemy champ. Electrocute rune would increase the damage output significantly so Annie can harass enemy mid laner easily and farm well at the same time.
  3. Annie’s attack range is quite good and her normal attacks are necessary if you want to have advantage over your enemy.
  4. Remember to use Molten Shield to reduce the incoming damage Annie takes.
  5. Warding is vital at some points to avoid being ganked by enemy jungler.
  6. In 5v5 fights, position Annie properly and use her ultimate on as many enemy heroes as possible. With Hextech Flashtraption rune your Flash is at your command.

A highlight featuring Annie to boost your morale

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