8 College Majors For Gaming Industry-Bound Peeps

Okay, I’m gonna level with you guys. Choosing a college major is one of life’s toughest decisions to make. Especially for those who’d like nothing more than to stay indoors all day and play video games! (What up)

Obvi, hella people who go on this site would like very much to work in the gaming industry, especially with the rise of the e-Sports industry. Here’s where WE act as matchmakers. Here’s our eight top college majors for gaming industry-bound peeps:

1. Product Design

With this major comes the excitement of designing a product and bringing it up to corporate and international quality standards. You’ll be required to possess eagle eyes to analyze the market and apply prevailing trends to the product you’re designing, so this is definitely a multilateral subject matter! In the gaming industry, graduates of this major usually get jobs as game testers, so basically QC is hot, hot, hot!

2. Electrical Engineering

For those of you who can’t get enough jawns to tinker around with in your grubby hands, this might be the major par excellence for you. Electricity is something that is an undeniable part of modern life, and the gaming industry is no exception. A graduate of this major would probably be tasked to error-proof the hardware and test consoles.

3. Computational Science

Probably the rarest of them all, Computational Science is basically Programming, with Science and Applied Mathematics thrown into the masala. One of the major advantages graduates of this major has is their ability to process programming data quicker, opening up employment opportunities in the gaming industry as bug-fixers and/or data scientists.

4. IT


5. Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers have to possess a sense of scale and comprehension of how industrial systems work, big to small, making them an excellent choice for analyzing the market and applying such conclusions derived to the product and corporate marketing strategies as well.

6. Informatics Engineering

In this major, you will have to have a deep understanding of programming, considering that you’ll be thrown even more situations you have to solve with programming than you can shake a damn stick at.

7. Communication Sciences

The gaming industry needs good writers. From publicity jawn to good plots, a Communication Sciences major is a very versatile talent in the gaming industry. You will be taught journalistic techniques, communication strategies, PR management and so much more.

8. Graphic Design

This one you all probably know about already. Graphic Design will take you on a magic carpet ride across the land of… well, graphics. You will learn how to interpret textual ideas into visual ones through mediums such as photography, typography, animation, 3D modelling and so much more!

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