Supposed Bethesda Insider Leaks New Fallout 76 Info

Fallout 76 Leaks

A thread just appeared on the Fallout 76 subreddit in which the poster, identifying himself as the Bethesda insider who has been leaking info on 4chan, revealed several new pieces of info about the upcoming game. Considering that the source hasn’t been verified and likely never will, please do take this information with a grain of salt. Without further ado, here’s some of the leaked info that was mentioned in the now-deleted post.

1. It’s open world with a focus on base building and the usage of improvised weapons.

2. Will feature a scavenger from the surface as the main character, hence why the vault seems empty other than the main character in the trailer.

3. Features co-op gameplay but isnt’ like Rust or an MMO.

4. There will be 6 different factions, 3 of which we have already seen from previous games.

5. Numerous retcons rewriting the stories of several different characters.

6. No external mods due to “security concerns.”

7. Lays groundwork for FO5 which is already being worked on.

And that’s pretty much all we got from the supposed Bethesda insider. I think the piece of info that stands out the most is the idea that we might be actually be seeing a Bethesda game that doesn’t have mods. For a company that brought us both Fallout and Skyrim, games which have had a very strong modding scene, this is practically unbelievable. I really hope that the insider is wrong about this because it’s guaranteed to be a huge hit to the community. The way I see it, modders coming up with crazy/fun mods is a big reason why Fallout and Skyrim are being played as heavily as they are today. New ways to enjoy the game keep it fresh. Ultimately, I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons for including mods and if this info is correct, I have no doubt Bethesda is making a big mistake.

Again, exactly how accurate these leaks are we don’t really know right now. Considering the fact that E3 is less than 2 weeks away, I wouldn’t dwell on it so much – we’re guaranteed to get official information about the game then. For the moment, the only concrete info we have is from the teaser trailer that was released earlier.





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