Redditor Drinks Tabasco After Losing A Bet On The New Fallout Game

Sometimes you make a decision in life that you will come to regret, not because it changed your life for the worse, but just because it was a dumb thing to do. For one redditor, that decision came in the form of a bet and resulted in him drinking an entire bottle of Tabasco – ouch!

During the eternally long stream that Bethesda held prior to the Fallout 76 teaser, people went wild with speculations on what the game could be. The most popular idea was a Fallout 3 remaster. Reddit user TheYadda was so convinced of this that he created a Reddit post on the Fallout subreddit that he would drink an entire bottle of Tabasco if he turned out to be wrong. Since he put ‘no bamboozle’ in his post he was obligated to fulfill his bet if he lost.

It’s just gonna be a FO3 remaster, guys. If I’m wrong, I’ll drink this entire 5oz bottle of Tabasco and post a video. from r/Fallout

As we all know by now, the game that Bethesda revealed was definitely not a Fallout 3 remaster and thus TheYadda had lost his bet. These kind of bets happen a lot on Reddit and despite ‘no bamboozles’ being added, most users never deliver. TheYadda however did. In a video that’s almost painful to watch he’s seen drinking the entire bottle of Tabasco while hardly flinching at all. Definitely a brave but extremely stupid man.

TheYadda has most likely joined an evergrowing hall of fame on Reddit and has been awarded his own personal flair that reads “FLAME IN HIS ASS” to honor the last words in his video. Various helpful redditors have provided TheYadda with advice on how to protect his butt from the impending doom that it’s facing but he has already responded that it’s too late.

Although most redditors never deliver when losing these bets, a few other famous ones besides TheYadda do exist. One time a redditor by the name of 3hoho5 lost a bet and made himself literally eat a penis. Other famous stories include a redditor that ate a hat by putting it in a sandwich and a redditor eating a vinyl record by grounding it up and mixing it with ice cream.

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