Walmart Leaks Strike Again, Team Sonic Racing Confirmed For Switch

We have seen quite a number of pre-E3 leaks already this year, and while everyone loves a good E3 reveal, nobody will complain about some sappy leaks coming out beforehand. This time however, the leaks were actually so detailed that you could almost call them a full reveal. Guess where the leaks came from, yep once again Walmart is back with fresh new leaks for us all to enjoy.

This time they leaked Team Sonic Racing for the Nintendo Switch. Walmart had put the game on their website

, including description, box art and a few screenshots. The leaks can hardly be called leaks anymore, as apart from a trailer they basically showed everything that the game has to offer.

The internet listing describes that the game will contain online and local multiplayer, as well as four player splitscreen for a bunch of different game modes. The game will also come with team racing, 14 different wisps (items from items boxes during races), vehicle customization, a unique story mode and 15 different characters from the Sonic universe that are divided into three different categories, Speed, Technique and Power.

Although the game is a follow up to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed, the name and description of the new game heavily imply that it will only feature characters from the Sonic universe this time around. Although this might be saddening news for a few nostalgic Sega fans, it does seem like a smart move for the company to make. The Sonic characters are a lot more marketable to younger audiences who most likely have no idea who characters such as BD Joe or Billy Hatcher are.


Due to the severity of the leaks SEGA has decided to put an official teaser out for the game, which you can check out below. It’s safe to say that they probably didn’t want their new racing game to be revealed ahead of E3, and definitely not through Walmart. As we have seen before, Walmart has a tendency to leak games pre-E3 as they have done so earlier this month as well. Although the earlier leaks were a lot more cryptic than the one for Team Sonic Racing, gaming companies might want to consider not giving out any information to Walmart before E3. They have not proven themselves as a company that’s good in keeping secrets.

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