The Best Games To Play Together With Your Non-Gamer Girlfriend

It’s never a nice experience when you want to share your favorite hobby with your girlfriend or boyfriend, but they are completely gaming noobs. They die or lose constantly in game and get upset calling your favorite games stupid or too hard to play. Not everyone has the privilege of dating a gamer girl of course. However, some games out there are developed to be enjoyed with multiple people, and can provide you and your significant other with a joyful and relaxing gaming experience. In this article we will discuss some of these games and give you an impression which games might suit you and your girlfriend.

Portal 2

Let’s start off with an absolutely classic game. Portal 2 is not only a fantastic game when played by yourself, but also when played cooperatively. Portal 2 pulls off co-op play in an excellent way where it feels like you’re both competing against each other as well as working together. You need to have trust in your partner as they can often kill you when they feel like it. The in-game narrator, GLaDOS is as sadistic as ever, and her narrations try to divide you and your partner with constant bullying and picking favorites. Although the puzzles become increasingly harder it’s still quite fun and relaxing to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend while you’re figuring out the solutions to the puzzles.

Mario Kart

Although the Mario Kart series is notorious for its infuriating blue shell, the item that nukes the player in the 1st place, it’s still a gre at game to play with your significant other. The levels are often cheerful and the game is never too serious. It also features some of the best Mario characters so there’s a favorite for everyone to choose from. Mario Kart never fails to deliver excitement to anyone who plays it and its not different when playing together. Make sure that you don’t try-hard too much but focus on having fun as this will make the whole experience a lot better for you and your SO. Perfect for couples who love competing against each other.



Snipperclips is one of the newer games featured in this article and came out on the Nintendo Switch last year. The premise of the game is that you work together to solve puzzles by cutting parts out of each others body. While this description sounds extremely horrifying, the game is the exact opposite. It’s a very upbeat game full of interesting puzzles and concepts that might take a while to figure out. If you like to play relaxing strategy games but want something more joyous than Portal 2 this is definitely the game to pick up. Perfect for spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon together.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is probably the most successful indie game ever made. The game has received enormous amounts of praise both from players as well as critics. The farming RPG has always been a fantastic gateway to get your girlfriend into video games but it has now improved upon that by introducing multiplayer. That’s right, you can now play the game with up to 4 players, making it the perfect game to pick up with your girlfriend. Work together to make the most successful farm in the valley while helping townsfolk with their issues. Stardew Valley is the perfect game to play if you and your SO want a calming experience but are no fans of puzzling. It’s probably one of the most relaxing games ever made.

Castle Crashers

This game is the exact opposite of Stardew Valley. It’s a beat-em-up action game where you constantly mash buttons and fight your way through various levels. This game can also be played with up to 4 players and you don’t have to be good at games at all to enjoy this one. It also features a small amount of RPG elements, but not too many so your girlfriend doesn’t have to be min-maxing characters in games with slow level progression. If your girlfriend likes games where she can just mash buttons and beat enemies up than this is the game to get.

Rayman Legends

This might be one of the more “difficult” games featured in the article. Rayman Legends is one of the best side-scrolling platformers to date and is bound to be a great experience for anyone that plays the game. It’s an extremely wacky game with fast combat and expert level design, even the water level is great! Although the game is full of platforming challenges most stages can be completed by players new to the genre, although there are a few stages in the game that might even challenge the most hard-core gamers. The game is pure platforming madness and great for people who need a real challenge but also want to have a fun experience with their significant other. It sounds like this shouldn’t work, as a difficult game is often off-putting to new gamers, but Rayman Legends’ excellent level design pulls it off.



Magicka has one of the most innovating combat systems that was ever created, resulting in a very unique experience while playing. The general idea is that you have to create spells by combining elemental powers on the fly. This turns the game into a giant mess as every players is trying to figure out what buttons to press to create strong spells which can hurl enemies of a cliff or freeze them in place. Since every combinations of elements results in different spells not a single combat encounter will ever feel the same. If you’re SO is a big lover of Harry Potter or the fantasy genre than this is the game to play. The game feels like a classic fantasy adventure but has the unique mechanics that completely set it apart from slow fantasy RPGs that might become boring for non-gamers. It will also lead to a lot of laughter and hysteria as you’re both trying to figure out how to even cast a spell to begin with. Oh and by the way, friendly fire is on in this game so prepare to accidentally blast each other to smitherines with fireballs.


Overcooked is a game where you need to save the world by cooking. This might sounds dumb, and it totally is. However the game is extremely fun to play as you need to work together to run things smoothly in the kitchen. This means taking the order, cutting the food, cooking the food, plating the food and washing the dishes. Even minor mistakes in communication will lead to burned food or serving the wrong dishes. The game is very fast and chaotic which will often lead to huge amounts of adrenaline as you try to serve as many customers as possible. Perfect if you and your girlfriend want a fast paced game and put your communication to the test.

The LEGO Games

This is not necessarily a specific game, but rather an entire franchise. The LEGO games are perfect for co-op multiplayer and are never too challenging. They are always lighthearted and filled to the brim with humor. Since there are so many different games to choose from there’s bound to be a LEGO game for everyone. If you’re big Marvel fans pick up LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, if you’re big Lord of the Rings fans pick up LEGO The Lord of the Rings, the is even a wholly original LEGO game, LEGO City Undercover if you want a totally unique game. The LEGO games are endless and perfect for people who are just getting into video games.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

A couch co-op player in which you need to defend your spaceship is the entire premise of this game. However, there are a variety of stations that need to be manned but you’re only with a limited amount of people. Communication is key in this title as the game frantically throws enemies in your face and you have to make sure your spaceship stays in one piece. You have to constantly divide your time between multiple stations in the spaceship to make sure you’re one step ahead of the enemies. One small misstep or miscommunication with your girlfriend will lead to your downfall extremely quickly. An easy game to pick up, a difficult game to master, perfect for a couple that likes a game they can hop into with no problems but will challenge them to no end.

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