PUBG PC Update 14 Adds ‘Anti-Cheat’ Tech And More

PUBG Update #14

Remember when we reported on a PUBG dev letter regarding upcoming performance fixes? Well a comprehensive run down of these updates has just been posted on Steam. There’s a lot of changes this patch so let’s go over the three biggest ones.

1. Throwables

They’ve focused pretty heavily on adjusting the numbers on throwables with this update.

a. Frag Grenades: Buffs to range and damage.

b. Stun Grenades: Now affects stunned players’ hearing, vision, and shooting accuracy.

c. Molotovs: Increased effective range, added new burn debuff to players, and can burn down walls/buildings.


Here’s a graphic which provides a visual summary of these changes.

PUBG Throwables Radius
Image Source: Steam

2. Anti-Cheat Tech

PUBG has developed their own in-house anti-cheat technology which will be rolled out on their test servers soon and then eventually onto the live servers. They haven’t released much information as to how this is supposed to work or what it’s specifically supposed to do. So far, all we have is this screenshot to go by.

PUBG Anti-cheat
Image Source: Steam

The developers noted that they would prefer players to tick the “Security Mode” option, however if players begin to suffer bugs or performance issues, the compatibility mode should restore normal play. The way they word it doesn’t sound so reassuring, but we’ll see how it goes.


3. Performance Issues

Following an update a few months ago, a lot of people have been getting FPS drops and the devs announced that they would work on this in their previous Steam letter. In Update #14 now we know what they’ve been working on:

a. Optimized character model rendering to prevent some FPS issues

b. Optimized character movement and animation while skydiving to improve framerates when multiple players are around.

c. Improved network coding on their end to reduce network latency

d. Made fixes which should help with the abnormal vehicle physics

To be honest, I’m not entirely convinced that these changes will alleviate all of the performance issues currently plaguing PUBG, however I do thing it’s definitely a step in the right direction. In addition to what’s noted here, there’s also a huge number of minor bug fixes that should also help make the game run a bit more consistently. Again, if you’re interested in seeing the whole list, you can check out the original Steam update here.


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