Mega Man 11 Trailer Announces October 2nd Release Date

Capcom will release a flashy new Mega Man game, Mega Man 11 on October 2nd 2018. The game was first revealed in December 2017 for Mega Man’s 30th anniversary and is the first classic Mega Man game that we will receive in 8 years. The game will find it’s way to PC and all major consoles.

The game features a new mechanic called the double gear, which is what will set the game apart from other Mega Man games. The double gear will give Mega Man two new powers, the first is an ability which slows down all time around him and the second is a way to boost up your regular attacks. Using the double gear comes at a risk however, as using them for too long will cause Mega Man to be overheated. Both gears can also be used at the same time, however, this causes Mega Man to overload and after unloading the attack he will be in a weakened state for a while.


Mega Man will have to make use of these newfound powers against the evil Dr. Wily, as the baddie is trying to

hatch an evil scheme that he will most likely monologue to us at some point during the game. The trailer has already teased two boss battles, the first being Fuse Man who uses lightning fast attack and the second being Block Man who wears sturdy rock armor and throws around big blocks of stone. In both battles it’s shown that you need to strategically use the new double gear abilities to come out on top. Fuse Man’s attacks are so fast that he’s almost impossible to hit unless you slow down time and Block Man has a special armor that makes him so bulky that you need to use the charge up attack to break it more easily.


The game’s art style is also taking on a new look. Capcom has said that the game will be in 2.5D and that everything in the game, from characters to backgrounds, has been hand-drawn. The game will also feature a useful new function that lets you switch the power-ups you gained from defeating previous bosses while playing. This will be done by using a handy wheel function, so you can switch your powers on the fly. If Mega Man 11 is as good as it looks from the trailer, it could be the game that brings Mega Man back to life.

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