The Top 5 Best Fortnite Weapons For Winning More Games

As of the current patch, Fortnite has up to 20 different types of weapons with different features and stats. Before the big big updates with new cool guns hit the game, let’s check out the top 5 most favored weapons in Fortnite right now.

Assault Rifle M16

M16 has always been a favorite rifle across many games that feature shooting. In Fortnite, without regard to Epic and Legendary weapons, M16 must be the best rifle there is thanks to its high firing rate and stability – accuracy comparing to other rifles.

With a M16, you should be able to finish off a target from medium range or even long range. M16 can perform well in both early and late game.

Pump Shotgun

Shotgun is a must-have weapon in any player’s backpack once they get into a match and everyone knows why, because of its power. It’s a fact Shotgun makes for 80% of kills in Fortnite


There are 3 different shotguns in Fortnite but why there’s only one of them make it to this list? Simply, it’s because Pump Shotgun fire the most deadly shots.

According to Fortnite Tracker, a shot to the body with Pump Shotgun causes 95 damage but if it’s a headshot, the damage is 237. It means that a headshot with Pump Shotgun will take down any target despite how much HP and armor he has.

However, Pump Shotgun’s firing rate is low and to solve this problem, in case you really want to use Pump Shotgun, use this trick called Double Pump. You will need 2 of Pump Shotgun to shoot then switch back and forth until the target is down.

Double Pump Shotgun Fortnite

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

In close range combat, Pump Shotgun is king but in when it comes to long range, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle must be the one who reigns. The Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle can do much the same to what Pump Shotgun is capable of, one shot one kill enemy with full HP and armor.


With that being said, users of this gun still need proper aiming and movement prediction skills to land a successful shot. Because if not, the target may react quickly and build walls to lower the hit chance of your next shots.

Rocket Launcher

With Guided Missile being left out of the game, Rocket Launcher is right now the top explosive weapon of Fortnite and it really rocks. Rocket Launcher deals a huge amout of damage and also deals splash damage. It’s especially dangerous as a long-range weapon and it’s super-effective against structures.

Rocket Launcher can be used as a means of transport. A player can quickly approach his target by standing on a rocket fired by his teammate to make a highlight, or maybe not. As powerful as it is dangerous, a Rocket Launcher can be harmful to its user in a misfire.

Such a misfire!


It’s none other than SCAR is the most favored weapon in Fortnite. SCAR is regarded as “treasure” and is in fact the most powerful rifle of the game.

SCAR is a perfect weapon for its firing rate, accuracy, damage and range. And the only drawback of this gun is that it’s … hard to find.

In spite of Epic Games’ effort to give SCAR a competitor by adding FAMAS (a Legendary gun) to Fornite and nobody knows what the future holds but at the moment, SCAR is still the most favored weapon of the game.

As a Fortnite player, which weapon do you like the most? Leave your comment below.

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