Fort-Friend Helps Players Keep Track Of Weekly Challenges

Each week brings us new Fortnite Battle Pass challenges and sometimes it gets a bit troublesome keeping track of them all. Well, where there is a problem, there are also people looking to solve it. A new resource made by Redditor Tm ant1234

does precisely that. Tmant1234 has created a website called Fort-Friend: a tool that provides an interactive map showing each week’s Battle Pass challenges and their locations. Here’s a screencap.

Image Source: Fort-Friend (Tmant1234)

The original post on the Fortnite subreddit has racked up almost 10,000 upvotes in less than 24 hours. Even more crazy is the huge number of Redditors who jumped over to check it out. In fact, so many people went over that the website actually crashed forcing Tmant1234 to switch hosting providers! Needless to say, a whole lot of people are interested in this site and appreciate the work Tmant1234 has put into this personal project. A lot of fellow Fortnite players have even offered to help contribute

to it in a wide variety of ways.

While it’s obvious that Fort-Friend is a work in-progress, it’s already pretty useful in its current state. A lot of Redditors have been providing him suggestions as to how to improve it and Tmant1234 has already stated that he will be glad to incorporate some of these ideas. He’s actually even provided a link to his community Trello board for anyone wanting to suggest a feature or report a bug. Talk about dedication!

Sometimes, the decision to play or not play a specific game comes down to the community, and the Fortnite one is definitely looking like the former.


Featured Image Credits: YouTube – Brani

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