Fortnite Warns Players About Rampant V-Bucks Scams

Fortnite Warns Players About Rampant V-Bucks Scams

Free stuff is always enticing, but as the idiom goes, if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is. This is the message currently being broadcast by Epic Games in regards to V-Bucks scams. Nefarious characters pull you in with awfully generous offers of free or heavily reduced V-Bucks, only to pull a quick one and head for the hills with a lucrative haul.

Swindling gamers isn’t new or particularly revolutionary, but in recent months scammers have turned their attention to Fortnite. Possibly due to the inherent naivety of younger players who aren’t yet versed in some of the shadier ways of the world. And, let’s face it Fortnite is by and large a young person’s game. In less forgiving terms, cash strapped teenagers who depend on their parents credit cards to get their V-Bucks are far more likely to engage with the scammers, hence the focus on Fortnite.

You may have come across the sites and YouTube videos yourself. They often parade as a source of V-Bucks, asking potential victims to jump through a series of hoops to obtain them. Download this or that app, click through this or that website, and get those sweet V-Bucks. In reality, the scammers are earning money for each download and visit by way of referral. Other iterations include surveys that aim to get your Fortnite

login details or worse, bank details so they can ostensibly send through the free V-Bucks. It goes without saying, that no one ever receives any V-Bucks.

Fortnite Warns Players About Rampant V-Bucks Scams

In reality, it’s pretty cut and dry, as Epic Games succinctly puts it ‘there’s no such thing as a free V-Buck’. The only way to obtain V-Bucks is on  and, period. And there, boys and girls, is where the matter ends.

The legal team at Epic are working to shut down many of the sites as they go online to limit the damage. But if you do come across any, don’t be suckered in by the scam, keep your Fortnite details to yourself, and kids remember to be smart. A useful account security blurb is available on Epic’s site packed with common sense, yet oft-neglected tips to keep your account safe and sound.

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