10 Of The Best Pro League Of Legends Plays Of All Time

With the exciting conclusion of MSI 2018 taking place last week and Uzi claiming his first international trophy we have decided to take a look back at some of the best plays in professional League of Legends history.

When two teams of high caliber players duke it out on the rift we can expect some of the most exciting plays to happen. Some of these plays are not only game changing, but have managed to create a lasting impact on League of Legends as a whole.

Uzi’s Vayne Mechanics

To start of the list, it would only be fair to begin with one of Uzi’s biggest plays ever. During game 2 of Royal Club vs OMG during worlds 2013, Uzi showed off why exactly he’s such a legendary player with clutch mechanics to stay alive in a team fight where everyone focused him.

Zed Vs Zed

Faker is a name that rings a bell for every League fan. He is the player that has long been seen as THE best League of Legends player in the world, and might still hold that title despite recent hardships. In the play we see him playing as Zed and while on low health he completely outplays another Zed in stunning fashion. The other player is Ryu, who at the time was probably the second best midlaner in the world. After this play however, he would forever be known as “the other Zed” while Faker propelled forward into stardom.


The xPeke

A play so legendary that it still brings chills down the spines of all League players. The play belongs to famous European superstar xPeke. During IEM Katowice in 2013 Fnatic went up against SK Gaming to decide who would advance from the group stages. At the time, Fnatic and SK Gaming had a huge rivalry going on and was dubbed El Classico. After a game winning fight SK Gaming came out ahead and were closing in on Fnatic’s nexus. The only option left for xPeke was a do or die play in which he teleported to SK Gaming’s nexus and managed to win the entire game by himself. Even now, 5 years later, singlehandedly destroying a nexus by yourself is still called “the xPeke” in the League community.

The first Insec

Although now a standard play that any Lee Sin player is required to know, there was one player who showed it before anyone thought of it. That player was Insec. A well-known name within the League community, Insec first showed the kick during the All-Star event in Shanghai, 2015. In the play he ward jumps behind the enemy team as Lee Sin and then kicks back the AD carry player with Lee Sin’s ultimate. Although it’s not the biggest play in existence, the technique is now permanently called “The Insec” in League of Legends


Another player that has become a term in League of Legends. When Madlife was in his prime he was probably the biggest play-making support in the world. Nobody could rival his predictions and aggressive playstyle. There are a whole number of different plays to pick from but this one really exemplifies how he played. Aggressively flashing over the wall to land an insanely accurate hook. Nowadays when landing a perfectly predicted hook it’s still called “a Madlife”.


sOAZ’ Great Escape

xPeke was not the only player that achieved stardom in Fnatic. sOAZ is another player that started out in Fnatic and became a huge name in the League of Legends community. During worlds 2016 he was actually not playing for Fnatic, but for Origen and they were up against SKT T1 in the semi-finals, the team that would eventually win the entire tournament. Despite losing 3-0 to SKT,  sOAZ made a big play in which he managed to escape by the skin of his teeth, making it one of League’s greatest escapes.

Fnatic’s Bait

Another Fnatic mention on this list, the team that has produced so many all-star players was also well-known for their creative and unconventional strategies. In this video they used their AD carry as bait against Royal Club expecting the team to go for a dive, which is an extremely risky strategy that could easily lose them the game. As soon the Chinese team went in, Fnatic flanked them from every corner possible to turn the game on its head. This play really exemplifies Fnatic as a team, even as members of the team change, they somehow still manage to keep hold of their unique and creative strategical play.

2 vs 4

Now we’ll get 3 plays to close off the article that were not only performed by the same team, but during the same tournament. The team ROX Tigers was famous for their aggressive playstyle and absurd individual skill. All three of the following plays are absolutely amazing in their own right and show why they were such a beloved team.

The first play is a 2v4 where ROX Tigers’ jungler Peanut and AD carry Pray take on 4 members of SKT1 in a stunning outplay to turn a team fight around in the finals.

Pray’s Ashe arrow

The next play is from the same finals between ROX and SKT. In this play ROX Tigers is trying to end the game, but SKT toplaner Duke is using his teleport back to his base in order to stop ROX in their tracks. ROX AD Carry Pray manages to stop the teleport with one of the best predictions and Ashe arrows that professional League of Legends has ever seen, which meant that Duke’s teleport was cancelled and the ROX Tigers could ultimately close out the game.

Smeb’s Kennen ult

The last play from the legendary ROX roster which will close off this article, comes from a different game than the finals. In ROX vs G2 during the group stages, the game was dead even and both teams were really aching to pick up a win. In the team fight that decided the game Smeb took over on Kennen and landed a beautiful 4 man ultimate to end any chance of G2 taking a win over ROX

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