Fortnite: Latest Store Items Update Includes ‘Moisty’ Merman And ‘Director’s Cut’

Fortnite Store

Here’s some more Fortnite news! We just got two new cool items with the latest store update: A new underwater looking outfit called “Moisty Merman” and the “Director’s Cut” a new harvesting tool that looks like an old video camera from the 60s.


Fortnite Store

For 2000 V-bucks, the Mosity Merman seems a bit pricey. But hey, if looking like a crazed merman is your thing, go for it! Personally, it’s not really my style. On the other hand, the Director’s Cut for 800 V-bucks? That’s what I’m talking about. I mean, who doesn’t run around smashing stuff with a giant old-school camera?

On a Reddit thread discussing the new items, Redditor JD777prime

put together a nice list indicating the last times the other items were available in the store.

  • Rocket Rodeo – 2018/5/11, 14 days ago
  • Dazzle – 2018/5/14, 11 days ago
  • Checker – 2018/5/16, 9 days ago
  • Absolute Zero – 2018/5/13, 12 days ago
  • Dragon Axe – 2018/5/12, 13 days ago
  • Brush Your Shoulders – 2018/5/1, 24 days ago

JD777prime is apparently keeping track of all item release dates. If you’re interested, you can check out the whole list for yourself at his Google spreadsheet.

And that’s about it from me. I’m off to test out my fancy brand new Director’s Cut!


Featured Image Credits: Epic Games

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