5 Biggest Updates Coming Soon To Fortnite


Epic Games has just released a lengthy blog post detailing some new modes and other updates that will be arriving to the game in the near future. If you don’t have time to read through the whole thing, here are some of the key takeaways.

Controller Optimization

Right now gameplay on the controller feels a bit awkward compared with the standard keyboard and mouse setup. Epic Games is planning to release several updates that should improve your ability to build and aim on the controller. On a related note, they’re also going to be introducing custom bindings for players who don’t like the default controller configuration.

Limited Time Modes


Epic Games does an amazing job listening to player feedback and as such, they’re contemplating keeping the 50 vs. 50 mode because everybody loves it. A lot of players have also been requesting a free roam mode where we can build and run around to our hearts content – Epic Games has listened. Coming soon in a future update will be the “Playground” mode where players can do just that. At the moment, it will be a limited time event, but like the 50 vs. 50 mode, I’m sure the player response will be super positive and Epic Games might just have to make it a permanent feature.


Sometimes you get those random moments where the game slows down to load a new area right? Well, Epic Games is adding in a new system that will ensure major content is preloaded before the match starts. They’re also working on boosting performance from the server side so that in the future, even the 50 vs. 50 modes will run as smoothly as normal games.


Quality of Life

Again, Epic Games listens to its community – we’re finally getting challenge progress updates to our UI. Every time you get closer to completing an objective, you’ll be able track your progress live. No more guessing how many more items you have to collect or how much more damage you have to do with a specific gun.


Given the $100 million that Epic Games has said they’ll be investing into Fortnite tournament prize pools, it should come as no shocker that they’re planning to enhance a lot of features that are related to competitive play. They’ve announced a new camera feature that will allow you toorbit around any point of your choosing as well having the camera automatically track the action for you by focusing on a group of players.” They’re also going to be enhancing replays so that we can even see bullet trajectories!

Image Credits: Epic Games

As I reiterated multiple times already, Epic Games really impresses me with how well they listen to player feedback and respond to it. A lot of these changes and improvements come directly from questions and issues posed in the community, particularly on the Fortnite subreddit. I’m really looking forward to the Celebrity Pro-Am tournament at E3 and seeing how well Epic Games transforms this title into a real competitive esports contender.


Featured Image Source: Xbox


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