Far Cry 5 Vietnam War-themed DLC, Hours of Darkness, Releases June 6

Far Cry 5’s Vietnam War-themed DLC, Hours of Darkness

Far Cry 5’s first DLC has been announced. It’s called Hours of Darkness and releases on June 6th. The first of three planned DLCs, this first helping of post-launch content sees the player leave the comforts of Hope County for the Vietnam War. The name is a loose play on the novella Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, which incidentally was the inspiration for the seminal Coppola Vietnam War movie Apocalypse Now


In Hours of Darkness, you take control of veteran soldier Wendell Redler, a character from the base game who doles out the What They Carried side mission. Recounting his memories of days spent navigating the thick jungles of Vietnam behind enemy lines, you must combat Vietcong while rescuing your ‘band of brothers’ squad members and get them back in one piece.

Two new modes unlock once the DLC is completed; Survival Mode, as the name suggests the challenge is upped with fewer supplies and tougher opponents, and Action Movie Mode, an obnoxious version with more guns and all round destruction.

Far Cry 5 DLC

The next two DLCs are scheduled for the summer per Ubisoft’s post-launch timeline. Lost On Mars

launches in July and takes players to the dusty landscapes of the red planet where they must put an end to an advancing force of Martian spiders. In August, Dead Living Zombies offers the chance to test your mettle against waves of zombies in seven different scenarios. You can get a glimpse of both in the trailer for Far Cry 5’s post-launch content below.

Far Cry 5 is also getting a new mode dubbed Far Cry Arcade, which is a selection of new maps with challenges designed by the game’s developers and fans. They can be played alone, in co-op, or against other players. Weekly Live Events are also on the way with set limited time modes and challenges.

Hours of Darkness is available on PS4, PC, and Xbox as a standalone DLC for Far Cry 5 or as part of the Season Pass. You can check out the teaser below for a taste of what’s in store.

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