[Countdown] 9 RPGs With The Best Music

You can’t do an end run around the fact that video games NEED a soundtrack. It’s one of the basic, shall we say, food groups in the video game pyramid! (i.e. you’ll be left starving without one). Lots of games have utilized different genres suited to their plot and play, but these are the ten tracks that stand out the most:

9. Valse di Fantastica-Final Fantasy XV

Okay, you REALLY cannot do an end run around the indisputable fact that Final Fantasy is a franchise that values music. To prove it, we begin with an examination of XV’s Valse di Fantastica. Wow. Just wow. Somehow finding order and beauty in the anomie medley of instruments proves a bowl of cherries for composer Yoko Shimomura.


8. Driven By The Stars – Monster Hunter World


The orchestral monstrosity (pun intended) that is Driven By The Stars is representative of Monster Hunter World’s status as Game of the Year contender. Just give it a listen ^

7. The Price of Freedom – Final Fantasy Crisis Core

Such ‘Murica. Many freedom. Very wow. This melancholic country-inspired track from Final Fantasy definitely has American themes behind it, telling the story of Zack Fair who is willing to pay the ultimate price in order to protect his loved ones. ‘Murica. *HONOUR GUARD! 21-GUN SALUTE!* *single tear emerges*

6. Celtic Beast – Bloodborne

The people behind Bloodborne’s soundtrack really pulled their weight when it came to this particular track. The scores of cellos, opera singers and violins brought together to create this particular work of art result in the clashing of the Gods; a Gotterdammerung, if you will, in order to exemplify the game world’s unabashed brutality.

5. Sword of Destiny – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


CD Projekt Red wraps up the Witcher trilogy with a stellar Big Bang: Wild Hunt. The music, especially Sword of Destiny, is an integral atom in that Big Bang, and is fast-paced, yet soothing.

4. Dovahkiin –  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Y’all probably know this one. Come on, this is the Dragonborn’s personal theme song! Basically FUS RO DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH in song format =P

3. Main Menu Theme – Dark Souls 3

Okay, you know a game’s gonna be HELLA awesome when even the main menu’s background music makes you tremble. Composer Yuka Kitamura does a scintillating job of distilling the various instruments into something cohesively… eerie.

2. Coils of Light – Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen

Set in a beautiful yet deadly fantasy world, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen certainly can be very addicting. Especially the soundtrack. One that stands out amongst all the tracks is Coils of Light, telling the story of the main character’s epic battle against Grigori the evil dragon. There are two versions, one in Japanese and one in English, so give ’em both a listen and see which one you like best!

1. Aerith’s Theme – Final Fantasy VII

Sure, Final Fantasy VII is an oldie, but it’s also a goodie. Nobuo Uematsu makes sure of that with his timeless score, especially “Aerith’s Theme”. The epic contrasts contained within the track showcase the best traits of the character, and is a must-listen.

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