New Cheaper Dockless Switch Bundle Announced For Japan

Nintendo Switch
Photo Credits: Wired

If you have a pretty big family, there’s a good chance that you find yourself wanting to get some more time in on the Nintendo Switch. Back when I was a kid, I experienced it myself so I know how it feels, and apparently, Nintendo does too. They’ve just announced a new bundle in Japan that will offer a stripped down version of Switch that aims to get an extra device into each household.

This barebones version comes with just the device itself: no charging dock, no Joy-Con grip, no HDMI cable, and no AC adaptor. Nintendo seems to be expecting you to use the adaptors and peripherals from your first fully-packaged Switch with this cheaper bundle. Speaking of price, this new release will cost $24,980 Yen (~ $226 USD) which means buyers will be saving $5000 Yen (~ $45 USD) compared with the original bundle.

If you buy this new bundle and then decide you want to buy an additional dock or other accessories separately, you’d be looking at spending just a bit more than buying the regular Switch set so there is a slight amount of savings here. It seems to be a very good buy also if you really are just interested in using it as a handheld device and don’t care much about connecting it to your TV.

Nintendo Switch
Photo Credits: The Verge

Personally, I think it’s a great idea and should be released in countries outside of Japan. At this moment, however, there hasn’t been any word as to whether or not this package will see a release outside of the country. Given that E3 is quickly approaching, if we are going to get it, there’s a high chance that they do an official announcement at the event. We’ll definitely keep you posted!


Featured Image Credits: Wired

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