Mobile Game ‘Live Or Die: Survival’ Brings You To Intense Battles Against Zombies

Live or Die: Survival is a trending mobile survival game where you have to fight off furious zombies in very intense battles.

Live or Die: Survival’s Gameplay

Getting started, you join the post-apocalyptic world of Live or Die: Survival as a survivor of an outbreak which is caused by biological weapons. The outbreak killed a majority of human population and turn the rest into zombies. Surrounded by many kinds of risks, you have to do everything you can to stay alive.


Fight to survive in an extreme battle

You will be supplied with the basic items to join in the battles but not just to fight but also to explore around, collect resources and make use of them to help you survive.

You will be supplied with all necessary items to get started

To be able to fight against zombies, you have to build a firm base and get to know how to craft armors, weapons which can be upgraded to stronger kinds. The base is where you can return to after setting out to explore the map and collect resources, you will unlock new recipes and know more ways to “solve” the zombies problem along the way.


Players need to learn how to craft armors, weapons

As you become stronger and so are the zombies, you will need better equipment that can be crafted by studying the crafting blueprints.

A base is the key to survive

Players are not advised to stay out in the wild without a hideout. Powerful weapons, rigid armors can’t help you all the time, and in time, even if you don’t feel like having one, you’ll need to build a base to shelter yourself.

Simple, bright graphics of the game

Live or Die: Survival has bright graphics with simple character design. It sounds harsh to be trapped in the wild lands of a post-apocalyptic world but let’s try to survive and you’ll get well-deserved rewards.

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