The Overwatch Anniversary Event Is Live

The Overwatch team has created a quirky new video to announce the start of the anniversary event. In the video they show off some of the new skins and features that will be available in the coming weeks. The video followed up a recent stop motion video

that Blizzard released a few days ago in which Tracer bakes a cake to celebrate the anniversary.

Although the new video is not as masterfully crafted as the previous one, it is still a joy to watch and an amusing way to give us a first look at the new skins and other features that the event brings. The video gives us a long needed dance battle between multiple heroes, all of which are wearing fancy new skins of course. A little bit of gameplay on the new Petra map can also be seen, although it’s always much better to explore a fresh new Overwatch map by yourself.


More information on everything that comes with the event can be found here.

The anniversary event lasts until June 11 so be sure to log in as fast as possible to start collecting those amazing skins.

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