Unreal Gold Available For Free To Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Unreal Gold Edition will be available entirely for free for 48 hours, in order to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary. Unreal was released in 1998 and was a landmark for video games due to the innovative engine that the game used, as well as just being a good game. The engine that they used was the very first Unreal engine. Nowadays every gamer should be familiar with the engine, since the Unreal engine is one of the most used engines in video games.



The studio that produced Unreal in 1998 is Epic Games, the studio that is nowadays almost synonymous with Fortnite. The game became famous for the insane camera movements that just were not possible at that time, as well as the beautiful  in game graphics. Although if you play the game now none of this is very impressive, the graphics even look quite ugly for our modern standards.

Another reason why the game became the worldwide hit that it was, is that it came packaged with its own scripting language, called UnrealScript. This scripting language allowed fans of the games to modify the game more to their liking. Either to increase the challenge, make it more fun or just to play around with the script. The game was essentially one of the first games to allow for easy mods, which added immensely to the longevity of the game.


The game will be available for free on both Steam and GOG, but you have to pick it up quickly since it’s only a limited time offer. If you’re a big Fortnite fan, or just a fan of gaming in general you should definitely pick the title up cause it’s a piece of gaming history, and one of the reasons why Epic Games is the huge developer that it is now. Even though the graphics and gameplay might feel dated compared to what we are used to, you are bound to have some fun with the title, even if you play it for just a few hours.

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