7 Games To Win Friends And Influence People With


Single-player games are fun, but sometimes you just want companionship. Here’s a few games you can play with others to win friends and influence people™ (with apologies to Dale Carnegie.)

1. Every racing game ever

A racing game is a thing of beauty, really. What other kind of game enables you to take out your frustrations on life without guns or drugs or running random people over? Titles like Gran Turismo, Need for Speed and Burnout have been entertaining families for ages. For those with younger kids, Mario Kart (and its ilk) may be more your… speed.

 *ba dum tshhh*

2. Every soccer game ever

See above, except this category is more Southeast Asian-oriented. From the realistic FIFA to the decidedly light-hearted Rocket League, that GOAAAAAAAAAAL (don’t forget the vuvuzelas!) might just be the thing you need to bond with the fam.

3. Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter’s phenomenal success on the PSP and 3DS sprung the slick-graphicsed Monster Hunter World, available on the PS4, Xbox One with a PC release to follow. Capcom’s labour of love on this game makes it deserve Game of the Year status, and the multiplayer feature makes it an ideal choice for game night.

4. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends has been given multiple accolades for its gameplay, graphics and other features. In the best tradition of Rayman Raving Rabbids (BWAAAAAAA!)challenge yourself and your friends with the jumping-packed, adrenalin-pacing levels of this Ubisoft platformer!

5. Minecraft

Now available on almost any platform (including Windows Phone!), build anything you can imagine with blocks. If you’re a regular spelunker of gameworlds, hunt animals, gather resources, even teleport to an alternate dark dimension to battle dragons amidst the lava! Your friends are going to have their own device to play on your server, but not to worry: the LAN feature is on fleek.

6. Overcooked

Like Cooking Mama but on drugs, play with up to three other people via co-op mode, and BURN. EVERY. FUCKING. DISH. EVER. Just look at the video ^

7. Super Mario Odyssey

Exclusively released for the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey will require you and one companion to fill very specific roles in co-op mode. Player One will be Mario and Player Two Cappy, and the game maximizes usage of the Switch and Joy-Con. Cutting-edge.

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