Overwatch’s D.Va Comes To Life With Hand-Painted Statue

Overwatch D.Va Statue

The other day Valve’s Baby Roshan statue disaster made a big splash in the news. Today, we’ve got figurines done right. Take a look at Blizzard’s official D.Va and MEKA statue that just got put up for sale at $450 USD (then again, with a hefty price tag like that, the thing better look perfect).

Overwatch D.Va Statue


The statue has a height of 20 inches (50.8 cm) and has a 13.4 inch (34 cm) diameter. It’s actually a lot heavier than I thought it would be. According to the Amazon listing, the weight is 40.1 pounds ( 18.2 kg). Something about the listing seems a bit strange though – the weight of the unit is the same as the shipping weight. I guess the box weighs nothing?

Something worth highlighting is the fact that the statue is completely hand-painted which you can tell by the precise attention to detail. Here’s the back view.

D.Va Overwatch Statue


I love how Blizzard makes sure that their logo even appears on the statue.

Overwatch D.Va Statue

Here’s a look at MEKA’s front cannons.

Overwatch D.Va Statue

That paint job is incredible. Look at the bits of teal in the very fine lines of the cannon. Crazy stuff!

Overwatch D.Va Statue

And with side-view, you can even see the logos of D.Va’s sponsors painted onto her leg. I honestly have no idea how they can paint that on with that kind of accuracy. Straight up incredible work!

If you’re interested in buying one, as I mentioned earlier, it’s not cheap at $450. What I didn’t mention before was that this is actually a limited edition statue. At the time of posting, I can see that there’s actually only one left on the Amazon store. Though they’ll definitely restock the unit, seems like D.Va is just too popular of a character. I’m guessing that getting one of these statues isn’t going to be an easy task. Best of luck!


Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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