Alolan Forms Coming To Pokémon Go With New Update

Niantic has announced that they will bring a new update to Pokémon Go, which will include the Alolan forms of first generation Pokémon from the most recent main games in the franchise.

The company responsible for Pokémon Go has decided to implement the new Pokémon forms to celebrate the sunny days of summer that are ahead. The Alolan forms were first introduced in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon which were based on the tropical Hawaiian islands. Introducing Pokémon forms from a tropical region does seem like a proper way to celebrate the upcoming summer months. The designs of the Alolan forms are based of their original designs from the first generations, but with a twist. Sometimes their entire type has been changed, whereas others are just given weird and exaggerated features.


Exeggutor for instance is one the most iconic Alolan forms. He used to be a small stumpy palm tree when he first showed up in the original Red and Blue, however, due to the tropical weather in Alola and the constant exposure to sunlight he has grown to an enormous size. Other fan favorites are both Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales. According to the games, the Vulpix and Ninetales living in Alola had to emigrate to the mountains and thus changed into ice types. Besides these fan favorites there are also some really funky looking ones, like Dugtrio with a blonde hairdo and an extremely fat Raticate.


Niantic has not announced any specific date for the update or how you can even acquire the newly introduced Pokémon forms. However, we can most likely expect that the it will be somewhat similar to previous events that Niantic has held, such as the Rock-type Adventure event. During this event rock type Pokémon had a higher encounter rate than other Pokémon, which would make sense for them to do with Alolan forms as well. It is a good effort by Niantic to pull some players back into the game right around the summer months. More information on the update will follow in the next weeks.

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