New Battlefield V Teaser Is Short, But Oh So Sweet

Battlefield V Teaser

DICE have released a further tantalizing Battlefield V tease in the form of a Twitter clip. Though short, there’s much to be gleaned from the video hyping up Wednesday’s big reveal live stream.

At first glance, the video shows nothing more than a nondescript, gaunt-faced soldier with a set of goggled sitting askew on his head beckoning you to hush. Digging a tad deeper, there are a number of clues on screen notably two flags on what appears to be an in-game HUD running along the top of screen. They seem to be British and Third Reich-style German flags, further emphasizing the veracity of rumors that Battlefield V

is set during World War II.

There’s also a timer, alphabetized objective points, overall score, health bar, and what seems to be a list of squad members each with their own role emblem. The medical cross is self-explanatory, while the other two may refer to other functions within a team. We seem to be getting a glimpse of what players will see on their own screens when the game ships.

If we return to the character, he appears to be wearing a bomber jacket, which suggest he might be a pilot of some description and his overall style adheres to sartorial standards of the 1940s. The smoke and background noise are reminiscent of a battlefield or recently bombed area. A errant hand, seemingly belonging to the person whose point of view we are witnessing, also grabs at the character’s collar accompanied by the guttural moans of an injured person. The possible pilot seems to be providing some sort of assistance, though if it is medical is uncertain and the finger to the lips ‘shh’ gesture makes me think there is some sort of imminent danger.


The clip ends as quickly as it starts, but not before the soldier adopts a far more menacing grimace and seems to lunge forward, totally flipping on its head the idea of him providing help. On the contrary, he seems to be going in for the kill, giving the clip a much more sinister edge.

Whatever your interpretation, DICE have done a great job feeding us scraps in the lead up to the May 23rd reveal, and I, for one, am still feeling mighty ravenous for more details about Battlefield V. Tune in from 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET / 10 p.m. CEST, on YouTube, Twitch, and Battlefield V’s own web site.

Battlefield V

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