4 Card Games That WILL Ruin Your Friendships

Card game fans beware! If you play the following games with your friend you might suffer dire consequences. Friendships might be broken, relationships might be lost.

Play at your own…. Risk!

1. Uno

UNO is pure evil.

In UNO the goal is simple, get rid of all the cards in your hand. Sounds simple, and it is, but boy you can really, really stick it to the other players. You’re on your last card, about to win when suddenly your “friend” to your right hands you a Draw 2 card. Seriously? SERIOUSLY!? Screw that guy. You never liked him that much anyway.


Fffffff this game.

2. Werewolf

Werewolf – another tricky board game which is also known by the name “the lying game”. You must not easily trust anyone involved in the game except for the game master and your own instinct or you’ll fail miserably. The game also has expansions which feature more characters with complicated abilities to mess with your mind even more.

Think about it, you have to protect yourself by telling lies, cricticize other players, defend yourself like a lawyer… do everything you can to deceive and win.

Think about it, if you’re beating your girlfriend or friends at this game, they probably think you’re really good at lying. In which case, you’re totally screwed because they won’t trust you ever again. You’ve been warned.


3. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens looks cute, but looks can be deceiving. Just like cats. All cats are jerks. Loving jerks.

Players take turns to draw cards from the deck until the Exploding Kitten is drawn. Then the drawer will be eliminated from play. The last one alive wins.

But it’s not that simple when all players have to deal with action cards from other players during a game. Action cards can cause players to lose turns, steal cards or any other means of action that would cause “I hate you, why did you do that to me!” responses from your friends. Exploding Kittens also has expansions that add even more twisted action cards to the deck for extra salty relationship killing goodness.

4. Bom Lắc (Swinging Bomb) – A Boardgame from Vietnam

Bom Lắc (Swinging Bomb) is a game from Vietnam and is one of the quickest way to kill a friendship. You can die in an instant in Bom Lắc. You can be targeted by anyone at any time in this game and it gets really, really annoying. So for all you English speakers reading this, consider yourselves lucky there’s no English version… yet.

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