Tracer Swaps Pistols For A Baker’s Hat In Overwatch Anniversary Video

Overwatch Trace & Bake

In an effort to get players even more into the spirit of Overwatch’s upcoming second anniversary, Blizzard has released a spectacular stop-motion video commemorating the event, entitled ‘Trace & Bake’.

A Tracer figurine comes to life and swaps her pulse pistols for a baker’s hat, cooking up quite the cake to celebrate. She attempts to enlist Reaper’s help, who true to form is reluctant to help. She whizzes and blinks around the kitchen gathering eggs, baking tins, and mixing the batter.


Once cooked, the cake is decorated with the Overwatch logo and candles, yet Tracer discovers there are no matches to light them. Quick thinking leads her back to Reaper. She taunts him into firing off his twin shotguns. Moving strategically in front of the candles and blinking at the last possible moment, she uses Reaper’s firepower to set them alight.

With the cake basking in all its glory, she exclaims a jubilant ‘Happy Birthday Overwatch

’, only for Reaper to be dumbfounded about having actually helped her. He nevertheless tastes the cake and approves.

Both Reaper and Tracer are plasticine models while the background is live-action. The amount of detail, variety in facial expressions, quick action, and expressive body movements must have taken quite a considerable amount of time to animate, let alone create the figurines. Stop-motion is meticulous at best as every minute increment between movements must be photographed before the individual shots are joined together to give the impression of fluid animation. Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and Nick Park’s Early Man spring to mind as fantastic examples of the animation technique.

The video is well worth a watch and is nearing one million views already. With many events, cosmetics, a new map, past brawls and others surprises planned for Overwatch’s anniversary, be sure to get involved in the celebrations starting from May 22nd.

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