Win Up To 50,000 V-Bucks In Fortnite’s Solo Showdown

Epic games has revealed that they are going to ramp up the competitive side of Fortnite. Previously, the standard battle royale was the most competitive game mode, whereas limited-time modes were there to increase the fun and let players relax. Epic Games is going to turn it around with their next limited-time mode, Solo Showdown.

The special game mode is designed for players who want to let out their competitive spirit, by creating an ambitious new way to play and granting compelling rewards for being the best. Solo Showdown will feature the same gameplay that you can expect from your standard solo games, but will be ranking your performance on the results of the game. The winner of the game will get a total of 100 points, which decreases per player ranking. The players that placed between 76 through 100 will only receive 25 points.


Players will have to play a bare minimum of 50 games in Solo Showdown to be considered as a participant. Playing in more than 50 games is allowed, but will not help you increase your rank, as Epic Games doesn’t want players to keep spamming the game mode in order to increase their rankings. The 100 people with the highest amounts of points will be contenders for prizes, of which the value depends on the place that you finished in. If you are not ranked as a top 100 player fear not, as you will receive a special spray just for competing in the 50 required games.


The prizes that Epic Games is giving out are definitely fantastic rewards. It’s clear that they want to motivate as many people as possible to participate, and give players with high rankings great awards. The people who finish in places 51 through 100 will each receive a total of 7,500 V-Bucks. Placing from the 5th to the 50th place will grant players 13,500 V-Bucks. The 2nd to 4th place will each claim a prize of 25,000 V-Bucks. The number 1 spot will win the largest sum of them all, an enormous total of 50,000 V-Bucks.

Epic Games has stated that creating this game mode is a stepping stone for them to introducing competitive play to Fortnite. They will use the game mode to test and learn how to create outstanding events for all types of players. They have said that they would like everyone to give it a try and will look at the feedback from the community to see how it does. They have also said that we can expect a big announcement regarding competitive play next week.

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