New League of Legends Bilgewater Event Will Bring Back Butcher’s Bridge

The Butcher’s Bridge will be back in League of Legends with Riot’s upcoming event: Curse of the Drowned. The event will be centered around Bilgewater, the pirate invested region of Runeterra, and will be closely linked to League’s upcoming champion Pyke. Details on the event itself have not yet been revealed, but if the last Bilgewater event is anything to go by, it’s going to be epic.

The Butcher’s Bridge was first playable in 2015, when Riot reworked Gangplank and had rewritten the Bilgewater lore, both for the region itself and for champions that call it their home. The event from that time, called Burning Tides

was one of the most well received events that Riot has released period. It was a great combination of lore, missions, a new ARAM map (the Butcher’s Bridge) and an introduction to one of the coolest areas in Runeterra. The event was praised by fans for the great writing and the new map. The event concluded in the death of Gangplank.

After the original event the Butcher’s Bridge disappeared from the game and was not mentioned again, until now. However, Riot has said in a developer update that they are going to implement some changes, both for ARAM in general, as well as for the Butcher’s Bridge. Riot is tackling Warmog’s armor and the Dark Harvest keystone, both of which are extremely oppressive in the game mode. Dark Harvest will be nerfed for this mode, whereas Warmog’s will be removed from ARAM altogether. They are also changing the way that health relics work, now granting an AOE heal instead of a single target heal. Enemies standing in the AOE will also be healed, which is a surefire way to create more fights.


They will also be adding 3 new limited time items. These items will only stay for the duration of the event, although Riot has stated that they might implement them for good if they turn out to be fun and viable. The first item is a pair of boots called Ghostwalkers, that lets you walk through walls or on air. The second item is the Spectral Cutlass, that when activated leaves a mark behind your champion, and after a short amount of time you will automatically return to that mark. The last item is the Bloodletter’s Veil, which grants you a shield when doing damage with an ability.

Brush the dust of your Bilgewater champions as the event will be arriving next patch already. For more information check out the official developer update.

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