Blizzard Teases 2 New Skins And Nerf Guns

Blizzard has revealed two new skins for their 2nd year anniversary event. Since the event is less than a week away, they have decided to tease us with not one, but two amazing looking skins. Both skins are epic skins and look absolutely stunning. Just what we expect from Overwatch’s skin quality.

The first skin is Venom Soldier 76. He receives a new creepy mask and is clad is some ghastly blue colors. To top it off there’s a giant king cobra on the back of his jacket. He looks as venomous as the name makes it sound.


The second skin that was revealed is Lightning Tracer. Sporting a new blonde haircut and a black and yellow outfit with a lightning stripe. Not that you have any time to admire the skin, when she dashes right into the enemy team and gets herself killed.


The two skin reveals were not the only thing that Blizzard has teased us with. They have also posted a video on Twitter in which they tease a collaboration project with Hasbro to create epic Nerf Guns. Not much is known about the project except that they will work together on an Overwatch Nerf Rivals line. Nerf Rivals are Nerf guns that shoots tiny foam balls instead of the foam darts that we automatically associate with Nerf. No further details have yet been revealed on the project, but it is definitely great for all of you who want to live out your Overwatch fantasies in the real world.



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