Even Meta-change Is Not A Worthy Opponent Of Maloch In Arena Of Valor

Maloch has always been there with his corrupted army to take over the promising land of Arena of Valor since forever. His power is relentless and though being nerfed from patches to patches, he is still unstoppable. Souleater helps him tank, he can heal himself with Plunder and with Shock he stops his enemy’s escape easily from afar.

Maloch fits in with many lineups

Maloch can be used in any lane, top, mid, bot or even jungle and in many role, roam gank, support or tank/defense. Being a versatile hero has its own perks, Maloch can easily surprise enemy heroes with unforeseeable moves.

Use Maloch to counter enemy tankers

When there are many warriors in enemy team, Maloch or Lauriel should be the first names that come to your mind. As Maloch can join in fights at any point of the game which is a big plus point, people often pick Maloch in stead of Lauriel. With his unparalleled skill set, the more opponents Maloch has to fight against the stronger he is.


Maloch is a good initiator

It’s true that Maloch’s initiating ability is excellent. Maloch can use Shock – his ultimate to easily start a combat by jumping head on into his enemy. Where Maloch lands with Shock, nearby enemy heroes will be knocked and slowed. A good ultimate will likely secure a combat in your team’s favor.

Among all the initiators, Maloch is the one that’s capable of changing the combat’s outcome in a flash. So whether Maloch’s team is attacking or defending, Maloch will be useful just the same. Using Maloch’s ultimate well in accordance with Alice’s or Xeniel’s ultimate will give you a huge advantage in combats.

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