Twitch’s New Option Let You Filter Streams By Players Alive

Twitch’s New Option Let You Filter Streams By Players Alive

Twitch has provided a potentially time saving new custom filter that wades through hundreds of PUBG streams and classifies them based on the number of surviving players. The categories are more than 50, 25 to 50, and fewer than 25 players. Additionally, streams can also be divided depending on whether streamers are going at it solo, in duos, or as a squad. The news was announced on Twitter yesterday.

There’s something thrilling about watching a meticulously executed chicken dinner, but let’s face it, the lead up can often be tedious. The first 10-20 minutes of any PUBG match is more often than not a looting simulator, peppered with the occasional firefight invariably leading to another stint of loot hunting. Hopping from building to building to get that coveted 4x scope is great if you’re playing, but viewers’ eyes tend to glaze over until the zone reduces or gunshots resonate enticingly in the distance.

The clear benefit of the new options is that you can always catch the last few heated minutes of a game. Even better, the filter is ideal for dodging early game mishaps and untimely deaths meaning you won’t dedicate to much time to an ultimately fruitless run.


The filters are live right now and can be accessed by visiting the main Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds browser page on Twitch. The options appear as drop downs just below the header at the top of the page. From what we understand, Twitch are using optical recognition technology to scan the marker indicating the number of remaining players that appears on the streaming window, then applying the filter accordingly.

Twitch’s New Option Let You Filter Streams By Players Alive

The two options are useful tools and we are excited to see if Twitch has others in store, possibly a map filter for example or even a zone size option, though that one could prove difficult without some link to PUBGs actual servers. We can hope though.

The possibility of discovering new streamers is also heightened by singling out those who systematically rank among the last 25 players. The filters may indeed end up being a huge factor in the popularization of up and coming streamers.

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