Put Your Skills Into Test With Mobile Puzzle Game LightSlinger Heroes

LightSlinger Heroes first launched way back in 2016 but it was not until last April that it officially launched. The developer said they had to spend some times to polish the game. That’s quite a long time between initial release and final, but hey, its finally officially out so lets take a peek at what this entertaining puzzler is all about.


You will find LightSlinger Heroes’ gameplay familiar if you’ve played Dynomite! by PopCap Games. The game also features RPG element to spice things up. In LightSlinger Heroes, you have to aim and shoot your marble “bullets” for them to land and make “match-3” combination with the other given marbles to keep them from reaching the bottom. Each shot represents an attack your character lands on the enemy monster and you have to keep attacking until the monster runs out of HP.


If you want something more than single-player mode from LightSlinger Heroes, it includes PvP, Guild and World Boss modes.

LightSlinger Heroes is a free to play game that’s fun, easy to pick up and master and should give you some hours of distraction.

Download & Play LightSlinger Heroes here: Android/iOS

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