5 E-Sport Games With The Biggest Pay-Outs

It’s no secret that eSports are highly lucrative. But you gotta risk it to get the biscuit, and lots of people have crash-and-burned trying to get to first place. But once you’re at the top of the ladder, the rewards are yuuuge. This time, we’re gonna be reviewing the 5 games with the biggest pay-outs.

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5. Heroes of The Storm – $12.073.314

Heroes of the Storm, a.k.a. HOTS, is a MOBA game from Blizzard released in 2015. For almost three years running, they’ve had some world-class tournaments going on, with prizes the very antithesis of your bank account! 🙁 

Anywho, a whopping 12 million dollars has been distributed amongst 970 winners from 400 tournaments!

4. Starcraft II – $26.169.767

This RTS game, popular in China and India, still got decades of life in it even though it came out 8 years ago. Case in point: the 4761 tournaments revolving around it, as well as the 26 million dollars(!!!) awarded to those who’ve won them. 1700 winners sure is proof of life.

3. League of Legends – $49.579.770

9 years on since its release, League of Legends is still going on strong, with 2000 tournaments under its belt! Almost 50 million dollars (50 million dollars! Who you think you got, Kelsey Clinton?) 

has been distributed amongst 5300 professional players, with that figure predicted to rise over the coming years.

2. Counter Strike : Global Offensive – $50.674.525

Almost tied for second place with League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a huge cash cow. Through more than 3000 tournaments, 50 million dollars has been awarded to over 9300 players! The trend is constant and the figure is predicted to rise exponentially, so rush B today сука ычaт!

1. DoTA 2 – $137.006.507

Oh. my. Flying. Spaghetti. Monster. This one definitely leaves the others in the dust. 137 million bang-up genuine ‘Murican dollarydoos has been split between winners of 900 DoTA 2 tournaments. With the DoTA 2 Pro Circuit in full swing, this number is expected to grow even more. IceFrog got some serious money in its pockets.

There you have it, ladies, gentlemen and androgynous beings. What do you think about all this rigmarole? Let us know in the comments below!

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