A Big FU Sees Fusion University Jerseys Banned

Overwatch team Fusion University, the contenders team from Philadelphia Fusions, were forced to wear black T-shirts on stage during the match that qualified them for the grand finals. The reason being was that their team jerseys, featuring a big FU in the middle, were banned by Overwatch officials for being “too hot to handle”, according to Fusion University’s twitter.

The Dot Esports reached out to fusion university and has indeed confirmed that the jersey’s were banned for the semi-final and grand final. The big FU in the middle of the jerseys was apparently not to Blizzard’s liking. Besides FU standing for Fusion University, Blizzard apparently thought that the jerseys’ vulgar undertone was not appropriate for the stage.


Fusion University has protested the ban on Twitter by claiming that Blizzard is inconsistent with their policies. Blizzard has allowed the number 69 on other jerseys, as well as having no problems with McCree’s belt buckle that says BAMF, both of which also have profane connotations.

Fusion University had to play the Grand Final in black T-shirts as well, which made them look more like a bunch of random kids from competitive play, rather than a professional Overwatch League team. Not that it mattered much in the end as Fusion University stomped Toronto with a 4-1 victory to become contender champions.



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