Flash Wolves Dominate MSI With Undefeated Record

For the past few days of MSI 2018, Flash Wolves has been tearing teams apart, and is now in sole possession of the first place. At the beginning of the tournament, fans and analysts alike expected them to be an underdog team who would have to fight for a spot in playoffs. The Taiwanese team proved everyone wrong by dominating enemy teams and are now the favorites to win the tournament.

Yesterday the Flash Wolves had to beat the Korean team KINGZONE DragonX, the champions of the LCK and the favorites coming into MSI. KINZONE was perceived to be one of the strongest teams that Korea has ever had, but have looked like they’re underperforming this tournament. Beating the Korean team would make the Flash Wolves the number 1 team at the tournament, and they won in spectacular fashion.


Flash Wolves locked in a surprise Yasuo pick for their rookie toplaner Hanabi, which analysts thought was a risky move and would most likely be the downfall of the team. The early game was a little slow and not necessarily in anyone’s favor, but when the first teamfight broke out, Hanabi proved all the doubters wrong and landed a beautiful two men knock-up followed up with his ultimate to win his team the fight. Through this teamfight Flash Wolves quickly snowballed the game into their favor and started taking over the map.


After a small comeback, KINGZONE went for a desperation play, but Flash Wolves’ AD carry Betty ended the teamfight quickly by ripping KINGZONE apart with his Kog’Maw. Betty has been one of the star players for the Flash Wolves, together with midlaner Maple. They have both played fantastically throughout the tournament and are a big part of why the Flash Wolves are currently the favorites of the tournament, with an undefeated record.

Besides the Flash Wolves surpassing expectations, the tournament as a whole has been very exciting with lots of unexpected outcomes between the contenders. Even though KINGZONE has 2 losses to their name, they are still in second place and expected to make the finals. Fnatic and Royal Never Give Up are currently the contenders for the last two spots of playoffs, but both teams have looked inconsistent this tournament. There are still two days left of the group stages, and a lot could happen to shake up the standings. Be sure to tune in to the MSI for what has been an amazing tournament so far.


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