Fornite: Thanos NERFED In New Update

Thanos Fortnite

Fortnite’s Thanos crossover event just came out this week and already the Mad Titan is getting hit by the nerf bat. On the Fortnite subreddit, a thread by Epic Games lists the following changes:

  • Shield cap decreased from 300 to 200.
  • Laser damage vs. players decreased from 15 to 12.
Thanos Fortnite
Image Source: Dexerto

Looking at these changes, the nerfs don’t actually seem to be too game-breaking. According to the original Reddit thread, however, Epic Games will be continuing to monitor how these changes play out and make adjustments accordingly. Chances are if more people continue to complain about him, they might nerf him even more. This being the case, if you enjoy playing Thanos with all the OP buffs, you might want to try and get as much game time in this weekend as a precaution.


Interested in seeing reactions to the Thanos nerf? Gamestop has a video testing out the Mad Titan post changes that you can find here.


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