In The Truest Sense Of The Word, EA Leaks Battlefield V Reveal Date

Battlefield V Reveal Set for May 23rd

The solution to a long unsolved Battlefield 1 Easter egg has led to an EA website listing the May 23rd date and #battlefield. The site is bare bones with a simple blue background, no art or further details. However, ‘never be the same’ forms part of the URL suggesting a fundamental change to what we’ve grown accustomed to with Battlefield releases.

The Easter egg centers around a locked door on the Fort de Vaux map. Above it is the french word for isolation, ‘isolement’. Since the map went live over a year ago with the release of the They Shall Not Pass DLC, players have been driving themselves mad trying to find a way through. Earlier this week, they finally cracked the code. The key was to break a series of wooden signs concealing buttons scattered around the fort. Pressing them in a specific order to spell out ‘isolement’ opens the door.

Once inside, players didn’t find much other than an empty incarceration cell adorned with bunk beds, a soiled painting of a white horse, a tunnel in the floor, and a set of interactive valves connected to pipes running along the ceiling. Dumbfounded, players were perplexed as to the next move, until they realized that the sound of water dripping from the pipes spells out a URL in Morse code. As you’ve guessed, the URL led to the site.

Battlefield V Reveal Set for May 23rd

On May 23rd more information about Battlefield’s next installment, Battlefield V, should give some indication about the location, era, and other details. There’s also speculation that the reveal will also include a possible battle royale mode for Battlefield.

Back in early March, VentureBeat received confirmation from a source at EA that the game would be set during World War II. This confirms with the trend of moving away from modern and future settings adopted by both Activision and EA. The last time Battlefield ventured into the realm of World War II was way back in 2009 with Battlefield 1943.

As for a release date of the actual game, it seems likely to be before the end of this year and more than likely in early Autumn, in line with past release schedules adopted by EA for Battlefield titles.

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