13 Popular Anime Games To Download On Mobile Now

In this day and age, anime has become a VERY big thing, so developers are racing to package it in cute little games they can put on the Play Store for free but monetize the heck out of. Here’s 13 of our picks from that venerable list.

1. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

Based on the wildly popular anime hit of the same name, the game has a slightly different plot line, putting you in the shoes of an employee at Circle Studio, handling live events by assembling a girl band. With three storylines, main, band and side, all fully voiced, you’re in for a ROCKingly good time. *anticipates obligatory bad pun punch*

2. One Piece Bounty Rush

Gameplay-wise, this mobile adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s essential manga offers 4-by-4 real-time team battles, where your objective is to kick the ass of the opposition. You also have to collect as many berries as you can, as apparently they are the sine qua non of winning. The game has 5 classes you can pick one from: Fighter, warrior, supporter, shooter and swordsman.

3. SAO Integral Factor

In this game, you play a beta tester stuck in an SAO game. Along with your companion Koharu, you have to finish 100 levels of Aincrad in order to exit the game. Even though it’s original as regards the plot, you can still see main characters from SAO like Kirito, Asuna and Silica. Graphics-wise, the game looks very polished for a mobile game. Finally, from a battle system perspective, the game runs in real-time, so never let your qui vive down.


4. Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is a Trading Card RPG where you can collect all sorts of cards, whether servants or character-enhancing items! Gameplay-wise, this game offers quite the special battle system where before you start a quest, you must assemble a party of 6 servants: 3 at the front line and the rest riding the pine. Every character has three different offensive attirubtes: Buster, Arts and Quick. If you manage to pull off a chain with the same attribute, you’ll trigger a bonus damage quotient for all your characters.

5. Tales of The Rays

Those of you who are huge fans of the Tales series need to take this for a test drive. You’ll encounter famous Tales characters like Cress Albane, Velvet Crowe, Ix and Mileena. Developed by Bandai, this game has some really great graphics for a mobile game, and every character is fully voiced. Like a proper Tales game, the exquisite cutscenes are an integral part of the game.

6. DanMachi Memoria Freese

Gameplay-wise, DanMachi: Memoria Freeze has a turn-based system like any good RPG should. The game itself is pretty simple: you explore a dungeon from a side-scrolling perspective facing three waves of enemies. All throughout the game, you’ll be accompanied by 6 party members, themselves all accompanied by their own support. There are some fascinating features, like the story mode, at present only available with three characters. Every one of the game’s 19 characters has a unique backstory. Play to find out!

7. Tokyo Ghoul : Dark War

In this game, you’ll be playing either a ghoul who resists the Counter-Ghoul Commission, an heinous organization attempting to exterminate all ghouls, or for the CGC itself. With up to 50 playable characters, unlockable with hero shards obtained from a gacha system, this game plays out in real-time, with full control of your character.


8. Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

Set after his period of training, Naruto must go on missions composed of both Action RPG and strategic elements with three comrades in his party. Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh… You’ll also have to build a town and gather resources, whether playing solo or multiplayer.

9. Digimon Links

Digimon Links is sort of a trip down memory lane for all you Digimoners. You’ll have to build a town which will house all your Digimons, where you’ll have to care for and train them so as to evolve them. Vis-a-vis battles, you’ll be enamoured by the classically RPG turn-based system. Solo battles will have you be accompanied by 4 of your digimons, and, from Agumon to Gaomon-era digimons, this game has them all.

10. Sailor Moon Drops

Five’ll get you ten you’re familiar with Sailor Moon. After 25 years since it first premiered on American television, Bandai Namco has released a puzzle game called Sailor Moon Drops. Perfect for casual gaming, the Candy Crush-like gameplay has you matching colours to solve puzzles and get mone- I mean points.

11. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

This collectible card strategy game is definitely a must-play because, besides the effects produced by monster/spell/trap/ritual cards, you also get an awesome cutscene every time you summon an iconic card of an established character, like Yami Yugi’s Dark Magician. As well, the game also has an online mode, and new system-generated events every week.

12. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Evidently not your usual Dragon Ball game, Dokkan Battle is a puzzle adventure game, where every stage you take on takes you into a Snakes-and-Ladders-esque boardgame. Your every step will be determined by the roll of a dice (Jumanji, anyone?) Battles require you to match colours in order to beat your opponent, like a classic puzzle game. When your gauge meter fills up, pull out your special attacks! Obtain new characters either by chance (through gacha) or every Sunday.

13. Captain Tsubasa: Tatakae Dream Team

Adapted from Yoichi Takahashi’s legendary anime, this tactical strategy game follows Tsubasa as he graduates from high school to his days in the World Youth. If you’ve ever played a football manager game you’re sure to be familiar with the experience this game offers. You’ll be required to form your own team by recruiting through quests, limited events, and even by playing gacha (sort of the Japanese one-armed bandit). In solo mode, you’ll be able to either control all aspects of your squad or even let them move under their own steam. Interestingly, this game also has a very distinctive gimmick of the anime series: your moves will be showcased with Totally Radical Cutscenes™.

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