Beast Brawlers Mobile Game Review

Beast Brawlers will not only let you join real time PvP battles but also give you the chance to create your own collection of cool, unique beasts.


Beast Brawlers Trailer

Inspired by the MOBA genre, V2 Games tried their hands creating a game that will let you enjoy the “epic multiplayer slugfest” controlling beasts, fighting other players in 2vs2 for Free-for-all battles. The game featured a diverse system of beasts including Dire Hog, Lightning Steed, Emerald Dragon, Colossal Spider, Molten Phoenix, etc. The beasts are sorted into different rarities and each of them come with special abilities. Of course the rarer ones are the stronger (with their skills). Rare beasts are difficult to obtain but it’s worth having them to assist you in difficult missions.


A diverse system of beasts

When joining a battle, you will get to mount your beasts to fight against other players from around the world. Winning battles will give you loot boxes to open which have a certain rate giving you new beasts.

The game’s main screen

Beast Brawlers has 3 main game modes including: Emerald Pit – 2vs2, gaining points and protecting the beasts are this mode’s objectives; Dark Forest – players have to explore the map to pick up Orbs while fighting against other 2 players; Ice Cove – cooperative mode for friends or clan members, versus another party, it’s also a 2vs2 battle.

Beast Brawlers features 3 exciting game modes

Each match lasts 2-3 minutes and you have to be the last man standing or to be the first one to achieve the mode’s objective to win. You will have to practice a bit if you want to win the fast-paced, intense matches of Beast Brawlers.

Fight to be the last man standing

Beast Brawlers is a 3D, top down view game with colorful graphics and eye-catching character design and backgrounds.

Another good feature of Beast Brawlers is that players can share their own replays/watch other players’ replays on BrawITV.

The game is free and can be downloaded here: iOSAndroidAPK

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