EVOS Esports Dismantles SuperMassive At MSI 2018

The second week of MSI 2018 got an exciting start yesterday, as Vietnam’s EVOS destroyed Turkey’s SuperMassive in an upset victory. The Vietnamese team won the best of 5 series with a 3-1 score, despite most League of Legends analysts predicting them to lose. EVOS Esports shows the world why Vietnam got changed to an LCS region instead of remaining a wildcard and why they are to be respected.

SuperMassive Esports came off a 5-1 game record in week 1 and had their eyes set on qualifying for the MSI week 2 group stages. They are one of the strongest teams in Turkey and have often represented the country at international events. With a clean record and a strong performance in the first week they were expected to do well. However, since nobody had seen the Vietnamese team play at an international event, SuperMassive was massively under prepared for the all out aggression coming out of EVOS.

EVOS started the first game in spectacular fashion by getting first blood before the 3 minute mark. After that top laner Stark went on a rampage and almost single-handedly won the game. Despite winning the first game, the second game of the series actually went over to SuperMassive, after some great teamfights where they divided EVOS up and picked them off 1 by 1. The 3rd and 4th game however, were extremely dominant victories for EVOS, where SuperMassive got completely overrun.

Game 3 and 4 were the jungle show for Vietnam. As we have seen in the past, Vietnam is able to produce some of the most aggressive junglers in competitive play. First “sofm” then “Levi” and now it seems that “Yijin” is the new jungle god of Vietnam. In both games he picked Graves as his champion and completely stomped the enemy. He consistently snowballed the game through early aggression and became an unstoppable menace throughout both games. Despite being the absolute star of yesterday’s games, his teammates would always be there to for back up and even when Yijin would die, the team would more often than not win the teamfights through feats of impressive team and individual play.

Tonight will feature a best of 5 series between Taiwan’s Flash Wolves and Russia’s Gambit Gaming, which will surely be another exciting match. A lot of fans are eager to see the Flash Wolves in action, and Taiwan has historically been quite a strong region in League of Legends, even winning the world tournament back in 2012. On the other hand we have Gambit Gaming, a team with a long history and great track record, for which some of the most memorable players in League of Legends are still playing. The series is definitely going to be a great watch, and I would recommend everyone to tune in tonight. More on tonight’s game can be found on the official website.

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