MachiaVillain Trailer – Unique Horror Management Game Release Date Announced

Backers of the MachiaVillain’s Kickstarter have had to wait a long time, they’re a patient bunch. The wait is over as developer Wild Factor finally announced MachiaVillain‘s release date with a trailer. The trailer details what is the game about and also features a lot of in-game footage for you to know its basic mechanics and gameplay.

From what is shown in the trailer, you should find its style of graphics very familiar. MachiaVillain

‘s art reminds us of Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together which is a bit dark and grim but also outstanding and impressive in some way.

MachiaVillain‘s art direction is solid and does a good job telling us what is the game is about. The game lets players control minions and your own character which you can choose among Psychopath, Creepy Clown, Vampire … each with its unique abilities, to design and build our own haunted mansions to later on lure in visitors (victim) and then … kill them.


The challenge of the game does not only lie in the management, building or strategy aspects but also the smaller tasks like covering tracks, being sneaky and maybe choose to fight against the attackers from outside the mansions who are your suspicious neighbors.

MachiaVillain will be available to purchase on Steam at $19.99 on May 16th.

Check out Wild Factor’s homepage to learn more about the game and see more of its artworks, concepts, devlogs.

If you are a fan of management or simulation games like RimWorld, Fallout Shelter, Factorin and Prison Architect then you’ll want to check out MachiaVillain.

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