Here’s What Makes Fortnite Season 4 Special

“Fortnite Season 4” is now trending among top searched keywords on Google. How much people care for the game’s new season, which was launched on May 1st, tells us a lot about the state of the game at the moment, being played and loved by many, many people. So let’s see what makes Fortnite’s Season 4 so special.

New skins in Season 4

So things went exactly like how we thought, as analyzed by our Vietnamese friends over in the articles “[Fortnite Season 4] Superheroes are coming?”

, the mysterious new faces teased by Epic Games in the theme picture of Season 4 of Fortnite are in fact the new skins featured in this season of the game.

3 Female characters skins

2 Male characters skins

Below are the two most wanted skins: OMEGA – the legendary Tier 100 skin of Battle Pass Season 4 which can only be obtained by completing 10 Week Challenges; the other is CARBIDE, it comes along with the Battle Pass as a gift.

Most spotlighted, most wanted?

Fortnite Maps Update

Titlted Tower was not the one to be remade as many speculated and it was Dusty Depot. Dusty Depot now has a huge hole on its surface, probably resulted from a meteor’s fall. There are also many unnamed maps added into Fortnite with the update.


The new look of Dusty Divot

Scattered pieces of the meteoroids can now be found in the area which will enable you with higher jumps in a short period of time upon being consumed.

Skins upgrade

This is a brand new feature of Fortnite that comes with Season 4. With this, players will be able to upgrade parts (mask, armour, …) of the two skins: Carbide and Omega. Players want to make such upgrades can simply reach specific levels.

Upgrading Carbide skin

Upgrading Omega skin

And it’s easy to understand why the fans are wishing that this feature will also be applied on other skins.

Headcanon: Dinosaurs

Fans can’t stop speculating about what else Epic Games could be hiding and what to expect beyond Season 4. And do you see anything in the below picture of Qpaniic, a dinosaur’s footprint?

Changes to gameplay, graphics and audio, bug fixes have also been made by Epic Games for this season which you may read more here: Fortnite Update 4.0 – Detailed patch notes.

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