China Unveils Virtual Reality Amusement Park Complete With 53 Meter Tall Robot

The new virtual reality park that has opened in Guizhou province China, looks to be coming straight out of a sci-fi movie. Despite the amazing VR roller coaster rides and the futuristic buildings, the most notable thing is the enormous robot that is towering over the park. Measuring up to 53 meters and with a weight of 700 tons, the massive robot could be right at home in a Gundam show.

Staff members for scale (Reuters/Joseph Campbell)

The amusement park spans over 330 acres, and contains 35 thrilling VR rides for people to try out. These rides include roller coasters, shooting games and spaceship simulators. Although other amusement parks such as Disneyland have used VR before, the “Oriental Science Fiction Valley Theme Park”, which is the name of this park, is the first one to include it in every possible ride.

Guizhou is one of the poorer provinces of China, and according to an official video the amusement park is a step forward to technological advancement for the province, as well as creating new tourism opportunities. The CEO of the park stated that combining Virtual Reality with an Amusement park was a way to set them apart from other amusement parks in China. The cost of the park has been reported by Reuters to be around 1.5 billion dollars, which is quite the investment.

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